Most new puppy owners are missing 3 essential parts to their puppy training plans!

The BIGGEST Mistake New Puppy Owners Make –

The Biggest Mistake New Puppy Owners Make Playlist –

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00:00 – Your Puppy Training Plan WILL Fail Without THESE!
00:34 – #1 – You Are Missing Supervision In Your Puppy Training
02:17 – How To use The Puppy Training House-line
03:53 – Stop Unwanted Puppy Behaviour Using The House-line
04:37 – Good Puppy Supervision Means Good Follow Through As Well
05:59 – You Need To Show Your Puppy What You Expect
07:23 – Use The Versatility Of The Puppy Training House-line To Your Advantage
08:34 – #2 – You Are Missing Good Timing In Your Puppy Training
08:59 – Building Value For The Word “Yes” With Your Puppy
09:12 – Your Voice Is A POWERFUL Tool In Your Puppy Training
09:24 – Using The Right Puppy Training Tools For Good Timing
09:55 – How To Reward Your Puppy Properly
10:51 – The Benefits Of A Puppy Treat Training Pouch
12:12 – #3 – You Are Missing Good Leadership In Your Puppy Training
12:49 – Building Leadership With Your Puppy Using Toys
14:59 – How To Teach Tug & Out With Your Puppy
16:55 – When Your Puppy Isn’t Interested In Toys

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Happy Training! ~Ken

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