In this video, I’m going to show you a puppy training schedule by age, so you can plan your training sessions with your new puppy! Did you know that a puppy’s brain is fully developed by the age of 7 weeks? That means, by the time your puppy is ready to come home with you they’re ready to learn! Knowing where you should be with your training can be helpful. It is actually more important to understand where you are with your own puppy in terms of progressions, but having a straightforward guide that allows you to schedule your puppy training can be a great way to measure your progress!

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Reliable Skills With The T.R.A.I.N. Strategy:

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00:00 Your Puppy Training Schedule By Age
00:53 8 Week Old Puppy Training Schedule
06:16 9 Week Old Puppy Training Tips
09:10 10 Week Old Puppy Training Tips – 16 Weeks Old
14:03 Puppy Handling Training
20:44 Teaching Your Puppy Their Name

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