People go crazy for pets, not the least of which are dogs. During infancy and in the early months of their lives, dogs tend to exhibit a personality filled with mischief, often leading to unintentionally destructive behavior. Use the advice in this article, and train your dog properly.

You should establish certain feeding habits for your dog. Make sure that they know when a meal is coming, so that they can get into a set routine. Doing so will encourage your pooch to eat efficiently.

TIP! Correcting a dog should be done quickly and concisely. Don’t rant on and on about how bad your dog is.

Do not tie more than one dog in the same area. It is just too easy for dogs in such a situation to tangle their leads together, and this can lead to serious injuries for both of them. This is especially dangerous if one dog is larger than the other, as it could use its superior size to maneuver the other dog into a dangerous position.

As you train your dog, be sure to create verbal cues to make your pet know that he is doing what you want it to do. “Yes” is the perfect word to show dogs approval before giving a treat.

Among the initial commands a dog should learn is “leave it,” which instructs the dog to drop whatever it has and step away from it. You can protect their safety and stop them from destroying valuables by teaching them to obey this simple command.

Training Sessions

Your daily schedule should consist of regular potty breaks, regular training sessions and an hour of good exercise. When your dog gets enough exercise, training sessions are usually more effective and produce faster results. If your pet can exercise regularly and be active, he will be far more happy and responsive.

Use your puppy’s name often so that he knows to pay attention when you speak. Use it as often as possible when you have your puppy during the first weeks, the puppy will make the connection. Put some thought into your dogs name, and choose one that isn’t too long and that isn’t too similar to other common words.

TIP! Let your dog have more freedom as he or she starts to behave and listen to commands more. The spectrum of freedom and obedience gives your dog the happy life he deserves.

You should always praise your dog for his good behavior while you are training him. Get excited, smile, and give treats to help your dog relate the good behavior to something positive. Just be sure you never reward your dog after a bad behavior.

Every time you interact with your dog, you’re molding its behavior. You don’t want to undo training you’re worked hard on, so watch what you do at all times. Mold your dog into the pet you want by constantly working towards the behavior you desire.

With a little work, you can train your puppy to hold off going to the bathroom until it is safely outside. Try taking your dog outside each hour when you’re at home. Praise him immediately as soon as he goes to the bathroom outside. Do not punish or yell at your dog for having an accident indoors. Your dog doesn’t come out of the womb potty-trained, and it takes time to learn. Yelling or punishing is not helpful. Allow your dog the chance to go out after meals and when he gets out of a crate/pen.

TIP! When approaching a strange or unfamiliar dog, approach slowly, while allowing the dog to sniff the back side of your hand. He’ll learn your scent and begin to have trust.

Dog’s must learn “down.” This is useful on its own, but also opens up other tricks. The “down” command is excellent to use when your dog is exhibiting aggressive behavior.

Make training fun for you and your dog. Keep training to a short 10-15 minute session; much longer and your dog’s attention will wander. Be sure to provide rewards often, and give different treats from time to time. You should lavish praises on your dog for following your instructions. If your dog perceives training as fun, he will listen to you more!

If you’re house training a dog, try using a crate. Crate training is most effective when you allow your dog out using a consistent schedule. With some time, dogs that have been crate trained will not have accidents inside.

TIP! When it’s time to introduce house training to your dog, put him on a consistent schedule of eating and elimination. This gives you important forehand knowledge to prevent accidents and your dog an association of cause and effect to follow.

Many people are bitten by dogs because of their fears of that exact thing happening. The dog will feel fear if it is startled, trapped or feels threatened. Using fear tactics are never a smart way to train a dog. If you do this, you may get bitten. Dogs have a pack mentality, and naturally want to be lead.

You can entice your pet to sit on his haunches by waving a treat before his nose as he stands. Pass the treat above its head as you move your hand behind it. He will look upwards as he follows your hand. When dogs look up, they usually sit.

Positive reinforcement is the best kind for dogs. Don’t yell and punish the dog for bad behavior. Just avoid reinforcing negative behavior. Using negative enforcement could cause your dog to fear you. Reinforcing good behaviors will cause the dog to work harder to please you and receive praise.

TIP! It is important to leash-train your dog. This is important for the safety of your pet, and it is also beneficial for you as well.

Just as is true of humans, different animals have different learning and training styles. For instance, a loving and calm dog will probably succeed with positive reinforcement, while a dog that is more aggressive may require negative reinforcement to honor your position of alpha. If your current training approach isn’t working well, you may need to try alternate methods.

Remember that your dog needs mental stimulation. Canine puzzle toys are a great way to get your dogs mind working during the day. Puzzles can be found in many different styles, and it is important to buy ones that play to the dog’s strengths.

Your desire to keep a neat house and your love of your dog companion should not conflict with each other. Training a rowdy dog and breaking their bad behaviors is key to maintaining a presentable home. These hot tips will make the story of you and your dog one that ends happily ever after.

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