Most people enjoy all kinds of pets, but especially dogs. Puppies can be quite destructive and often mischievous. This article describes methods for training your dog like a pro.

It takes a while for a dog to get comfortable in a crate. Don’t take it too fast; introduce the dog at his own pace. When they seem comfortable in it with the door open, try shutting the gate and feed them treats through the wires. Start off small, like 10 seconds at a time, and slowly move up the times. If they become upset, you are moving too fast.

TIP! When it comes to training Fido, time is of the essence. The goal is to avoid overdoing it while ensuring that you are devoting enough attention to the animal.

Timing is essential when you are training your dog, so you want to spend enough time training them but do not want go overboard. Begin with brief sessions and extend them from there. See where your dog starts not paying attention to the training session.

Think of a word you can use as a command during training. A word like “yes” can be an effective bridge between the time that the dog exhibits the behavior and the time that they receive the reward.

With the right encouragement, most dogs can learn to roll over pretty quickly. The dog has to lay down first. The next step is to hold a treat close to the floor by the dog’s head then continue to move the treat over his head until you reach the other side. As the dog uses his nose to track the morsel, he will simultaneously roll his entire body over. Be sure to say ROLL OVER as your dog is rolling. Eventually, he will learn to perform the trick upon command. It may take a while to get to this point, but you will be pleased if you stick with it. It’s an impressive trick.

TIP! Give your puppy with lots of chewable toys, otherwise he might alleviate his teething pain on your nice furniture. Replace the item immediately with one of the dog’s own chew toys.

Begin training your dog with a task that will be simple for him to learn. This will cause you to get your dog to learn its first trick quickly, which is rewarding. It will also show your dog what training is all about. You’ll see positive results as you train.

The first thing you should teach your dog is to “leave it.” This commands the dog to drop whatever is in its mouth. “Leave it” can prevent furniture chewing, save valuable objects from being destroyed and save your dog from consuming dangerous and/or poisonous substances.

Chewing the wrong items is a habit for many puppies. This requires immediate attention when it happens. When your puppy knows what he is allowed to chew on, he is less likely to chew on your belongings when left to his own devices.

TIP! Don’t expect your dog to learn a command the first time you say it. It may take as many as fifty repetitions before your dog learns the command.

Learn to recognize your dog’s signals. Most dogs do the same things when they need to urinate. Discovering the pattern can allow you to get the dog outside in a timely fashion, thus reinforcing desired behaviors. Familiarize yourself with the dog’s routines and habits to make the process easier.

Most often, dogs bite someone out of self-protective instincts due to fear. This happens when dogs feel frightened, trapped, or threatened. Do not use force when training your dog. If you do, you may easily be bitten by your dog. This builds trust in the dog, and he will see you as his faithful master.

You don’t have to sacrifice an attractive home to have a dog. If you have a difficult dog, it can be hard to keep your house in order, but luckily, canine training is here to save the day. If you remember to use the advice from this article, you will be able to coexist peacefully with man’s best friend.

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