There are many reasons to have a pet dog. It may just have been those puppy dog eyes. It should go without saying that an obedient dog is the ideal dog. An obedient dog does take work, though. The piece that follows offers great tips to achieve those ends.

Generous rewards are a key part of training. If you give your dog some treats at the proper time, they will respond to training. Make sure to give your dog the treats at the proper time, to encourage good behavior.

TIP! When doing crate training, train your dog incrementally rather than trying to do it all at once. If they are uncomfortable with the door closed then try to feed them snacks to reassure them that they are okay.

If you encounter a dog with whom you are not acquainted, you should do so slowly and with the back of a hand outstretched. As you do this, you give the dog an opportunity to acclimate to your scent and become used to your presence. Once the dog recognizes your scent, he will not be afraid of you and will be more likely to follow your commands.

Your dog needs to learn what the word “no” means. It’s important to discover positive methods of reinforcing your dog’s training. Saying ‘no’ is not a good command, and the dog won’t know how to react. Tailor dog training to suit the dog and the situation.

Start your dog off on the right foot by installing good habits early on. You and he will find it much easier to learn how do the right thing than unlearn the wrong. Never feed your dog from the table, if you don’t want him to get the habit of begging for scraps.

TIP! Question how your dog views things. You may feel burnt out if your dog does not seem to be responding to their training.

Accidents are bound to happen while housebreaking your puppy. Clean up any messes that are made immediately, so it doesn’t hamper your training efforts. Urine and feces scents can attack to the fibers of your carpet, which will lead to your dog repeatedly using the bathroom in that spot. There are a variety of products that will help you remove the odor; check with the local pet store or department store.

Let your dog socialize, which can really help to develop their skills. He has to understand what is okay when it comes to being around dogs and people, too. Your dog will be better able to handle new situations.

A useful tip involves maintaining an awareness of your dog’s specific grooming requirements. Some breeds require a lot more grooming than others, sometimes on a weekly basis. This will keep your dog fresh and reduce the chance of illness.

You should always give your dog a challenge. Make sure you quiz him on the stuff he knows, so he stays on his toes.

By this time, you should be ready and excited about moving forward with training. Hopefully, you’ve gotten enough ideas here to get started. A well-trained pet is ideal. It’s a rewarding experience, but it’s also one that requires patience. The time needed for effective training will pay off in the long run. Use any ideas that seem like they might work in your home.