The Real Facts About Science Based Dog Training: A Training Without Conflict® Podcast

Arguments about dog training are reaching a boiling point and I decided it’s time for someone to take a significant stand against the constant propaganda and misinformation that gets spread through social media.

Scientific research that starts with a conclusion and works backwards to prove it is a dangerous and unethical practice.
When scientific research is cherry-picked to fit a narrative, it
leads to a distorted understanding, because only the evidence that supports a pre-existing believes is considered.
Such research undermines the trust in science and experts, dog trainers easily recognize bias and question the validity of findings.
It’s time to move away from bans, as they’re ineffective and have never achieved the desired outcomes. Instead, let’s come together and work towards advancing the field of dog training, free from the constraints and extreme views of any particular group!

Ivan Balabanov is a 2-time World Champion dog trainer, Ot Vitosha Malinois breeder, trainer of Premier Protection Dogs and founder of the revolutionary Training Without Conflict® dog training system.

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