Before you get a puppy, most people have a pretty good plan in place. Once the puppy comes home, that plan can fall flat on its face in that first week of puppy training. But it doesn’t have to. In this video, we sit down with brand new puppy owner, Nancy. Watch as we help Nancy out and give her some tips on how to succeed in her puppy training moving forward.

Puppy Crate Training Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful –
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00:00 – First Week Puppy Training Might Be The Hardest
01:17 – Puppy Owners Keep Making THIS Mistake!
03:15 – The Disney Model – Human vs Dog Tendencies
05:14 – Stop Unwanted Puppy Chewing
06:37 – Be A Great Leader For Your Puppy, Start Making Choices
12:01 – You Need To Understand THIS! (And Feel Better 😉)
13:50 – Teach Your Puppy To See MORE Value In Following

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Happy Training! ~Ken

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