Hi guys thanks for watching my video I know it was a bit lengthy but it was hard to get it all in. I’ve really been enjoying my beef jerky this way. I prep a batch every weekend and then eat it throughout the week. It’s hard for me to cook throughout the day and I generally only like to cook my dinner and or OMAD. I will usually eat a few pieces with butter or cream cheese spread on top for lunch the rest of the family does eat from this as well.

I am so behind on editing and putting up my videos. This was actually filmed weeks ago and I have since made three batches this way and I’m really liking it.

I have been seasoning it the same way, cutting it the same thickness and strip size. It ends up taking me anywhere from 3 1/2 to 5 hours to complete the batch in the oven at 200°F. Sometimes as I’m getting impatient I will up the temperature 205°F for the last half hour or so.

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