Tender Ribeye beef jerky smoked on the Rec Tec 590. Used Tex Mex Habanero seasoning for the extra kick!

• Started with the entire choice ribeye.
• Broke it down into 3 different parts, this eye/filet section for the jerky, the cap for pinwheel steaks and the remainder for cheesesteaks.
• Sliced the eye/filet for the jerky around ¼” thick.
• Marinated in the mixture for 24 hours, mixing every few hours in the fridge. Recipe below.
• Set up the Rec Tec to run on the smoke setting for the entire cook.
• Laid out the jerky on aluminum racks for easy handling.
• Put the jerky on the Rec Tec for 3 hours before looking and moving around. Total time was around 6 hours, with some coming off earlier and some later.

Summary: The jerky was amazing! It was almost too tender because it was such a good cut of beef, it almost fell apart while eating. Once I was having a few pieces, I thought it was a touch salty. Next time would remove some of the Backwoods Seasoning and replace it with the Pit Patriot Habanero seasoning instead of just adding to it.

Marinade! Store bought Backwoods Hickory Jerky Seasoning (Followed the package directions for seasoning, cure and water by weight of meat). Added, 2 TBL spoons Pit Patriot Tex-Mex Habanero Seasoning, 1 TBL spoon cayenne pepper, ½ TSP Very hot pepper, 6 cups water.

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