Processing Beef Jerky – Beef Processing Technology That Are At Another Level
The first step in dry beef processing is the meticulous trimming of excess fat and connective tissue from the meat. This ensures that the final product has the perfect balance of tenderness and flavor. The trimmed beef is then thinly sliced, allowing for even and consistent drying.

To enhance the flavor and preserve the meat, a combination of seasonings and spices is applied to the beef slices. This step not only adds a unique taste but also helps to extend the shelf life of the dried beef. The seasoned slices are then left to marinate, allowing the flavors to penetrate the meat.

The drying process itself involves carefully controlling temperature, humidity, and air circulation. Traditionally, drying was done by hanging the beef slices in a well-ventilated area, but modern technology has introduced specialized drying machines that provide precise control over these variables. The controlled environment ensures that the beef is dried evenly, retaining its rich flavor and texture.
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00:00 – beef factory
1:08 – slicing beef
2:29 – sliced beef
2:44 – spice mixer
3:04 – beef drying oven
3:43 – packing
5:47 – cow farm
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