Patriot Jerky Is a Small family owned and operated USDA federally inspected business handcrafting small batch beef jerky. You wont find a more tender and flavorful piece of jerky anywhere else. It’s literally like you’re eating a ribeye. This jerky is a great trail snack because it is Full of protein and doesn’t require refrigeration or special care.

Throw a few packs in your rig so that you’ll always have some protein in the case of an emergency of just in case you’re stuck on the trail for longer than you planned for!

One of the unique aspects about Patriot Jerky is the meaning behind the brand itself. Patriot Jerky is inspired by military, law enforcement, first responders, firemen and other individuals who have fought or served our country.

They want to show respect, pride and a love for our country, each other, and most importantly to the people who lay down their lives every day to keep us safe and free.

If you’re in Conover NC, you can swing by his facility for a tour and if you aren’t local you can order your jerky at and remember if you use CODE “Downsouth” you’ll save 10% off of a minimum order of $30!