What’s Up Everyone! In this video, I show an UNEDITED Heeling training session with a one year old German Shepherd!
A proper and legitimate HEEL command is one of the most difficult things for the average dog owner to train! There are a lot of MYTHS out there surrounding this behavior and even more silly youtube videos on ‘how to stop pulling’. Dog training is NOT about STOPPING, it’s about BUILDING! BUILD DON’T STOP!!
This training session is absolutely crucial for any dog and owner to master in any and every environment! This will take a lot of time, practice and failure! There are a lot of ‘dog trainers’ that ‘train’ Heel for years and still are not good at it! TAKE YOUR TIME AND EXPECT TO FAIL! Do not focus on the finished product!! Enjoy the journey and all the tiny details along the way!
These kind of training sessions are how you will TRULY BOND WITH YOUR DOG!
If your dog ‘is good’ with a prong collar on BUT ‘pulls like crazy’ without the prong, THEY HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO HEEL!!!!

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