See how to make USDA Beef Jerky at home. Any kind of Jerky is a great snack. With this process and using my recipe, you can make lots of friends or lots of money or both. You can find my original jerky recipe with this link:
This jerky recipe doesn’t have to be just for jerky. You can use it for grilling chicken, pork, beef or wildlife game.
Why I am using Parchment Paper on the racks:
I sold my jerky business a couple years ago. After talking to the guy that bought the business, he decided to give it up. He said it was too much work for him. When I got the equipment back. Some stuff was missing and the racks were in a plastic container wrapped up in a large towel. When I got it home I noticed the racks still had meat on them. Not just any meat but moldy rotten meat. The acids from the meat ate through the paint on the racks. That is why I used parchment paper on the racks. I only have a few racks that were salvageable. Still yet, I am using a barrier between the jerky and the racks. I found replacement racks at $8 each. That doesn’t sound like a lot until you times that by 24 racks plus shipping. So that is the story of why I am using parchment paper. Proceeds from the jerky recipe sales on ETSY will help fund the project of ordering more racks.

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