Welcome back to another episode of Anderson’s SmokeShow! Today I am going to show you how to make smoked beef jerky using your pellet grill or smoker! Come check it out!

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This is a super simple beef jerky recipe and I am going to walk you through the steps to make my homemade teriyaki beef jerky.

Start out with a lean cut of beef such as: Eye of the Round, London Broil, Top Round, or Bottom Round and slice it between 1/8*1/4 of an inch thick (depending on your preference). Marinade over night in a ziplock back with your favorite marinade or the recipe below:

– 1.5 cup teriyaki marinade
– 1tsp Salt
– 1tsp garlic powder
– 1tsp onion powder
– 1tsp black pepper
– add a few tablespoons of honey if you like it a little sweeter

** You can remove the teriyaki and replace with soy sauce if you want a less sweet and more savory beef jerky.

Cover the meat with the marinade and refrigerate overnight.

The next day fire up your pellet grill and set to 175F. I am using my Camp Chef Pellet grill at smoke level 10. At this temp it should take upwards of 4 hours depending on how thick you sliced your homemade beef jerky. Check periodically and pull once you reach your desired doneness.

***I added some teriyaki glad about half way in so that I could achieve a sticky finish on the jerky.

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