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Watch this video to learn how to make your next batch of jerky using a pellet smoker! This same process applies to any kind of jerky so use this as your go to reference for how to make jerky! The key to making jerky is in the process. Today, the Bearded Butchers show you their jerky making process. First, they cut up the rounds, next they cut the meat into strips, then they season the meat with Bearded Butcher Blend seasoning and leave it in the fridge overnight for maximum flavor. Once the meat is ready, it’s onto the Traeger grill to be finished with that delicious pellet grill smoke flavor. Delicious!

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1:42 – Seth begins to break down the deer carcass. He starts by removing the deer tenderloin
2:30 – Removing the deer hindquarters. Not saving deer round steaks in this case, the rounds will be used for the deer jerky.
3:46 – Using the Victorinox 6 inch semi-stiff knife to start cutting up the round.
4:30 – Removing the femur bone from the deer rounds. Ending up with the top round, the eye of round, and the round tip or the sirloin tip. Left with the bottom round and sirloin tip.
9:46 – Next up, cutting the deer jerky into strips. Be sure to cut against the grain so the jerky pulls apart easier. Pro tip – be sure to cut all of your strips the same thickness or they will be more difficult to smoke.
13:33 – You don’t need a jerky seasoning recipe, instead just add 1 tbsp of Bearded Butcher Blend seasoning for every 1 lb of meat (link above)
15:14 – Seth gets the deer meat out of the fridge and gets it ready to be smoked. The deer meat will go on the Traeger grill for 2 hours at 165, then up to 185 to an internal temp of 165.
17:42 – The deer meat goes onto the Traeger grill to finish the jerky making process.

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