Thanks for Checking out my Video! To start, my dad is a Butcher, my grandfathers were a furniture maker/salesman and a maintenance man/clock maker respectively. All of these men also knew their way around a grill, car maintenance and all kinds of homesteading techniques. 

      My 9-5 profession is a physical therapist assistant but my hobbies are vast. I keep learning and moving from one hobby to another then back again. So do not expect all the same videos as my patience isn’t made for repetition. A short list of my homesteading hobbies and included in videos are; meat grinding, sausage and jerky making, woodworking, upcycling, home brewing, home repairs, landscaping, furniture making, crafts, baking, grilling. 

      Being a nerd , I am bound to start meshing my hobbies and love for gaming and cinema culture. Games include video games, board games and card strategy games. 


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