Have you ever bought a bag of beef jerky and asked yourself “Where’s the beef”? You pay a boat load of money for some dried out beef and it’s gone before you get back to the car. Well today, we will teach you how to make delicious, smoked beef jerky in the Big Green Egg. It is easy, inexpensive and the flavor will blow you away! This easy beef jerky has a few simple ingredients and turns out great when dehydrated over our all natural lump charcoal.
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00:00 Beef Jerky
00:48 what meat do I use for making beef jerky
01:20 Beef Jerky Ingredients
02:10 The Perfect Size for Beef jerky
03:20 Beef Jerky smoking temperature
03:37 Bourbon Barrel Smoking Wood
05:30 Beef Jerky recap
06:35 How to know when beef jerky is done

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