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How to make beef jerky. In the video it gives you cook times, preparation steps, and cook method.

Beef jerky is a great snack and once you know how easy it is to make beef jerky, you will be filling your fridge with it!

Here is the typed recipe as promised and method.

Usings lean meat. eg beef hip meat.

Salt 15g/kg
Black Pepper 3g/kg
Brown Sugar 14g/kg
California Ham Spice 1g/kg
Garlic Powder 0.5g/kg
Liquid Smoke 0.3g/kg
Cure 3g/kg
Sodium Erythorbate 1.5g/kg
Water 90g/kg

Preheat smoker/oven

Step 1:
Dry at 155f 68c 1hr

Step 2
Smoke at 160f 71c 1hr

Step 3
Cook at 165 74c 1hr

Step 4
Dry 155f 68c 1hr

These times are approximate and may change on your set up.
Make sure they are spaced out and all evenly dried.

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