Ground Beef Jerky | Beef Jerky | AICOK Food Dehydrator
I received this AICOK food dehydrator to test out. I have been wanting to make my own beef jerky for awhile now, so today is the day! I like soft jerky the best so I will be using ground meat. As you will see, making your own beef jerky is very easy to do and a lot cheaper and better than store bought. I’m pleased how the AICOK dehyderater preformed. I know how some dehyderaters can be very loud, so I was pleased to find that the AICOK dehyderater noise level was low and the see-through trays are a plus!

Testing Jerky For Doneness: Slightly bend the beef strip. When bent, the jerky should not break in half but should crack instead.

AICOK Food Dehydrator:


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