Making Beef Jerky on a pellet smoker is stupid simple!

Hone your knife skills or see if your local butcher will slice your meat for you. In this video, we show you how to break down a whole Eye of the Round Roast. Slice the silver skin and excess fat off with a sharp boning knife. You’ll be left with one large lean muscle perfect for jerky.
Slicing your beef into 1/8 – 1/4 inch slices is the most demanding, but it’s very repetitive but somehow very satisfying knowing that these amazing nuggets of meat will be a reality in 24 hours or so…

Garlic Pepper was the flavor of the day:

1 cup Worcestershire Sauce
1 cup Soy Sauce (low sodium is our favorite)
1 cup Dark Beer
2 tbs Onion Powder
2 tbs Garlic Powder
4 tbs Coarse Black Pepper
1 tsp Cure #1 (optional)

Marinade over night in a quality ziplock bag. Be sure to give it a power “Moosh” before putting it in the fridge. Give it a few more “mooshes” before you go to bed.

The next day, just arrange your strips neatly on a sprayed wire rack .

We smoked them off for 3 hours at 180 F. Be sure to rotate every 30 – 45 minutes for even cooking.

You can do this in a kettle grill too. Smolder some wood with charcoal on one side of the grill, and put the racks on the other side. The Webber Smokey Mountain (WSM) is also a great way to go. Just keep the temps as low as you can.

Vacuum pack for longer storage, or put in zip lock bags if you’re gluttons like us… They won’t last long, especially when your friends find out about them!

Now, get out there and cook!