We have all heard of filet mignon and know it is a prime cut of beef. But learn what makes it so delicious, and why it is great in beef jerky.

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Why Filet Mignon Makes The Tastiest Beef Jerky:

Filet mignon is prized around the world as quality beef, the kind that fetches high prices and the praise of meat lovers around the world. From French, “filet mignon” loosely translates to “tender filet.” In fact, when properly prepared, filet mignon can be supple enough to be cut with a fork alone. Another interesting but commonly misconstrued fact is that filet mignon contains many essential nutrients and is surprisingly low in the fats and calories that cause people to avoid red meat. Unlike the fattiest cuts of beef, filet mignon is comprised of lean red meat. In fact, a three ounce serving of filet mignon includes twenty-three grams of protein, a healthy dose of iron, multiple types of B vitamins, selenium, and zinc. While you shouldn’t eat red meat for every meal, a lean cut a few times a week is more likely to improve your health rather than harm it, so don’t settle for low-quality products made by most jerky companies. Instead, indulge in Three Jerks Jerky, which is tender, flavorful, and made from prime cuts of delicious filet mignon. In addition to using fine cuts of filet mignon to create mouth-watering jerky, Three Jerks also makes sure to only use the finest natural ingredients—no unpronounceable chemical compounds to be found here! While Three Jerks Jerky makes for an excellent snack, you can also enhance the experience by pairing it with a fine wine or a tasty beer.
A good Cabernet Sauvignon or a hearty I-P-A will complement the flavor of the meat, without being so strong as to overpower the taste of delicious filet mignon. It should come as no surprise that Three Jerks Jerky was founded on a simple belief – not all jerky is created equal. With that in mind, Three Jerks Jerky has worked to find the perfect combination of meats, flavors, and cooking processes, all to create the best beef jerky available.
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