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The Dog Daddy working with a highly aggressive dog that is completely unapproachable by strangers.
Rusty is a rescue dog and have a history of charging and biting anyone he meets when given the chance.
The Dog Daddy is quick to evaluate the situation and choose the best approach to work with Rusty. Here you can see the results of a single training session.

I am currently training around the country to meet clients like these in the video.
If you’re interested in getting your dogs trained by me.
Below is a list of cities that I am headed to next.

(Dallas,Texas- January 22nd and 23rd.)

(Montevallo ,Alabama – January 29th and 30th.)

(Phoenix, Arizona- February 5th and 6th.)

(Charlotte, North Carolina- February 12th and 13th.)

(San Diego, California- February 20th and 21st)

(Las Vegas, Nevada- February 27th and 28th)

(Albuquerque, New Mexico-March 5th and 6th)

(Nashville, Tennessee-March 12th and 13th)

(Austin, Texas- March 19th and 20th )

As I get booked for new cities I will let you guys know. You can also tell me where I should travel to next.

To sign up for you and your dogs to come to my classes please email:

See y’all soon ❤️

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