Cats are wonderful pets. They’re perfect for people who are very busy. Implement the tips in the article below to make sure your cat leads a long and happy life.

In order to be sure your cat is healthy, take them to their vet regularly. A routine check-up should happen annually, and more often if necessary shots are due. Cats should see a vet right away if any health problems or injuries needing treatment occur.

TIP! You never want to leave the cords of your drapes dangling down. Whenever cats jump on these cords, they might get tangled up in them.

Don’t use items on a cat that are meant for a dog. Cats can have strong negative reactions to a product that is formulated for a dog. Be very careful with the flea products you use. Your cat can die when exposed to flea prevention items made for dogs. After getting the dog treated, keep the cat away for many hours.

Microchip your cat. You never know when your cat could get away from you. A tagged collar might help get kitty home, but it can just as easily come off if snagged on a branch. A teeny microchip can hold your contact information. Scanners to read pet microchips are available in every town and they will not come out from under the skin.

Cat medications can be bought affordable online. You can’t always get it online. But, if you’re having to buy pet medication regularly, you will be able to save up to half the price if you buy online.

Litter Box

Don’t try and teach your kitty how the litter box is supposed to be used. They do this by nature and don’t need to be taught. While many pet owners try to introduce their cats to a litter box by rubbing their front paws in the sand, this can sometimes traumatize your furry friend.

If your cat’s scratching post looks old and worn, don’t throw it away immediately. Cats tend to enjoy a scratching toy more after they’ve gotten comfortable with it and made it their own. By removing the old item and replacing it with a new one, your cat may try to find another item to scratch. This could end up being furniture.

TIP! Cats really enjoy squeezing into any and all small spaces. If your cat is such a curious one, wearing a collar is a safety risk, as your feline might get stuck because of it while exploring.

Consider buying your cat a special drinking fountain. Most cats will prefer drinking water that is running over drinking water in a bowl. Cats react better to a moving water stream. In fact, many cats like to drink from a running faucet instead of drinking from their water bowls. A drinking fountain will be good for the environment and can help the cat to enjoy its water more.

Ensure that your cat wears a collar and identification tags at all times. This is essential, even for indoor cats. Cats love to explore, and if they see an opportunity to go outside, they will take it. Tags that have your vet’s name and phone number are good things to put on the collar. Also make sure to note any unusual medical requirements.

Take a cat who pees all over the house to the vet. This behavior may be indicative of an infection of the urinary tract or some other issue. Some cheap antibiotics can get rid of some dangerous illnesses.

Haired Cats

Think about how much extra care is entailed in bringing a long-haired cat into your home. While long, silky hair is beautiful on a cat, the same fur appears far less beautiful covering your floor, dark clothing, and furniture. Unless you have time to dedicate to cleaning up their fur, don’t get long haired cats. You should keep in mind that long haired cats are more prone to hairballs.

If you notice your cat is not using the litter box, try moving it to a new location. Whenever a cat is using the restroom, it feels vulnerable; therefore, the litter box needs to be kept in a safe and quiet location. The best places are basements and laundry rooms.

TIP! The cat’s litter box should be placed in the right spot. Keep the litter from the cat food, and avoid placing it in a busy area.

Dogs will often wag their tails to show their happiness or excitement. Cats also exhibit this tail-wagging behavior, but the message is different. If you see a cat’s tail moving like that, it is an indication that they are agitated or don’t know what to do. If this happens while your cat is in your arms, put him down as soon as possible.

Put a collar your cat with your contact information on it. Even if you have a house cat, there is a chance that he or she may get out. Should this occur, your cat can be returned to you or someone can contact you with his whereabouts.

The foods you eat might not be very healthy for your pet. In part, these include garlic, onions and grapes. Ingesting these foods can end up making your cat really sick or worse. Milk is something that can hurt your cat’s stomach, so beware of that too.

TIP! Are you a cat and dog owner? That dog will really love stalking (and eating) that cat food. Try locating your cat’s food in an area where the dog cannot go.

Cats will smell changes around their home. This applies to new pets and food in the home. Be prepared for your cat to be wary of the new item initially. As the smell of your home gets onto the items, they’ll warm up to them.

If you previously adopted a cat when you were home all the time, and now you are away much more, your cat might get lonely. One possible solution to ending your cat’s loneliness is to adopt a second cat.

Sticky Tape

TIP! You shouldn’t leave a young cat with children unattended. A cat should not be left alone with a child under five years of age.

Put sticky tape on furniture. A bit of sticky tape on your cat’s favorite scratching spot can quickly make the act less enjoyable for them. Certain pet stores even sell this type of tape for this reason. When your cat sticks to the couch, he’ll learn his lesson.

Cats are great to have as pets because they’re smart and can find things to do on their own. If you are responsible, you should educate yourself about caring for your kitty properly. Keep the advice from this article in mind to become the best cat owner you can be. This way, you and kitty will enjoy a very special bond.