When you have a big, strong Belgian Malinois who chooses to be dog aggressive, what can you do? Whiskey lives in a nice area of town, but when he encounters a dog he runs up to the dog and intimidates them, this causes fights. He won’t listen to his mom, so she asked me for some help. He is too strong for her to control him in a flat collar or even a prong collar. She tried the cookies, treats and toys. Basically she can’t take him for a walk or to the park because she’s afraid he will get into a fight. This is the first lesson that I met Whiskey on and you’ll see the basics in this video.

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The ecollar I recommend is the Martin Micro B:

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Ecollar training can be a lifesaver for many dogs and the people who love them. Used correctly they can quickly and permanently change the behavior and give the person control over their dog. There are countless dogs who now enjoy a happy life because they were ecollar trained.

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