One of the most famous Nigerian foods is kilishi, or dried meat, mostly found in the north and middle of the country – it’s delicious and very similar to America’s Beef Jerky.

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Our BattaBox presenter, Adeola, went to check out the best Kilishi food joints in Abuja, Nigeria to find out what are the different types of Kilishi you can buy, and how they taste.

“People come from America, Germany, London, Lagos to his place in Abuja to buy Kilishi,” explains one beef jerky trader in Abuja. “People know to ask, when you come to Abuja, collect Kilishi for me!”

Kilishi is made by firstly, buying a cow (!), and then after its been killed, you chop and slice teh beef into thin, long strips. The meat is left near a coal fire to cook for maybe 4 hours. Then the meat is covered in a thick paste or sauce, of peanuts, onions, salt, and other spices. The Kilishi is then put onto drying boards and left in the sun to dry and become crispy. The final, spicy taste is very similar to America’s Beef Jerky.

The main difference between beef jerky and kilishi is in the spicy sauce, and many of the different varieties Adeola tastes have different spicy strengths! For example, the “red” kilishi is the hottest, and the “white” kilishi as the least pepper sauce.

And the best place to buy Kilishi is in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.

“Kilishi and Abuja are like wife and husband,” laughs Adeola, BattaBox presenter. “It’s taste it fabulous, and it can last over a year.”

The beef jerky snack originated from northern Nigeria, where the dry weather and hot sun is perfect for cooking the Nigerian food snack.

The Kilishi can then keep for over a year without any change to its taste (just don’t put it in the fridge!)

Do you like Beef Jerky or Kilishi? Gist us in the comments with your favorite recipes!


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