Go behind the scenes with Dan-O’s Dan Oliver as he shows you the production facility and process behind making the Dan-O’s Chipotle Beef Jerky! After this video, you’ll be hankering for some of this yum yum get ya sum jerky.

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The best Dan seasoning on the market.
Taste and see why we say “You don’t know till you Dan-O!”

Low Sodium = More Flavor
When using Dan-O’s, you can be a lot more aggressive than you would with other seasonings, because you’re not using a bunch of salt.

By sprinkling Dan-O’s aggressively we are adding flavor and allowing the herbs and spices to really penetrate our food, cooking real flavor into it while not overpowering your dish with salt — all while still getting a great, natural sea salt flavor!

Dan-O’s still has a great salt flavor because we use all-natural, unrefined sea salt. Most other seasonings not only use too much salt, but they also use cheap, chemically broken down salts that are actually bad for you.

All the Dan Uses
Why Dan-O’s is the Most Versatile Seasoning on the Market!
Pan sear, grill, smoke, bake, blacken or fry Dan-near anything.
Create soups, sauces, marinades, and vinaigrette from scratch.
Try replacing your salt and pepper shakers with Dan-O’s for a week to sprinkle on everything from eggs, potatoes, pizza, pasta, rice, chili to even casseroles.
Mix Dan-O’s and parmesan cheese in a separate bottle for your own Dan good parmesan mix that’s great for pizza, pasta, or even on popcorn!