This is an example of a complete training session with a puppy. I frequently get asked for a video of a complete training session with no edits. I like to work on multiple behaviors in the training session and I explain why in the video. I’ve had my puppy for a week. I keep calling him 8 weeks in the video but he turned 9 weeks today.

Here are the puppy training tutorials I mentioned in this video:

Training your puppy to walk with you at your side- Proactive leash training

Harness and leash games:

Go in crate:

Follow a treat lure calmly and take treats nicely

Handling and grooming:

Biting clothes:

Mouthing and biting:

Here are some more helpful dog training tutorials based on what I said in this video:

How long to train:

What treats to use:

Calm settle-

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