To start this piece off, I want to give you a brief intro to the energy balance equation.

Dr. Ted Naiman was recently on the podcast. I’ve followed his work for a while.

He breaks down food into two buckets:
Energy – fat and carbs
Nitrogen/repair – protein

His basic thesis is most people do better with more protein followed by a balance of fat and carbs.

This is a nuanced answer to nutrition, which is the right answer to nutrition, but I like his approach precisely because I’ve never thought about nutrition this way, and it has simplified the way I think about food in a lot of ways.

This is my general strategy for a carnivore diet:

Eat most of my nutrition from animals
Keep a little bit of plant stuff in my diet for variety, microbiome variability, enjoyment and because it is more ancestral appropriate than a 100% meat-only diet
Within those two, I focus on protein, trying to get about 35-40% of my calories from this macronutrient.
By focusing on protein, I get high satiety, minimal fat gain, and the best chance at more fat loss without lacking performance.

Now the amazing hack that I wish I started when I first stumbled into a carnivore diet is homemade beef jerky.

Here’s why I think jerky is the ultimate hack.
It’s mostly protein
It’s delicious
It’s an easy to store protein source you can freeze.
It’s the perfect food when you aren’t in the mood to eat a large steak.

Number 4 is what prompted the video today.

I usually break my fast with a steak, sometimes with ground beef.

Then I’m not that hungry later in the day. Sometimes I’ll eat a small meal and sometimes I’ll eat a larger meal depending on recovery and recent exercise intensity.

Lately, I’ve been less hungry as I’ve been recovering from a minor surgery that has made it so I can’t lift weights.

During this time, I noticed myself leaning closer to an OMAD style of eating in which I fast longer then eat a big dinner, and that’s it for the day.

When this happens, I will often feel the urge to eat, but eating a pound of ground beef or steak is rarely enticing later. (Interesting phenomenon, not sure why that is.)

As a result, my second meal is usually skewed toward something like cheese, avocado, or snacking on whatever easy to eat things are in the kitchen.

This is where jerky comes in like a champion. So I grab a few sticks of jerky and maybe a slice of cheese, and I’m satisfied and done eating for the day.

This keeps me eating more protein. It fills me up. It removes the urge to eat other easy-to-grab foods like nuts or cheat foods in the pantry. I don’t even go there.

If you are trying to lose weight, homemade beef jerky is your literal godsend.

I would recommend keeping a container on the counter at all times. And if you are trying to move to an OMAD style of eating or just want an easy way to up your protein intake, JERKY IS THE ANSWER.

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