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1 Cup Soy sauce
1 Cup Worcester sauce
1/2 cup sprite
1/2 Cup Mirin
1/4 cup Brown Sugar
2 Asian Pear
3 Green onion whites
5 garlic Cloves
2 TBSP Sesame Oil
2 Knobs Ginger
Salt / Pepper
1tsp Chili Flakes

►Full list of things I use and recommend:

►Chud Rub and 16 Mesh Black Pepper
►Fogo Charcoal
►Weber Kettle
►Meat Grinder
►Sausage Stuffer
►Meat Mixer
►Chamber Vacuum Sealer
►Pepper Cannon
►Sous Vide
►Toaster Oven
►Flame Thrower
►Fire Blower
►Cold Smoker
►Vegi Grill Pan
►Meat Slicer
►Vitamix Blender
►Kitchenaid Mixer
►Food Processor
►Beef Tallow
►Wagyu Tallow
►High Temp Cheese
►Pink Salt
►Sodium Citrate
►Hog Casings
►Sheep casings
►Chef Knife
►Boning Knife
►7″ Chef’s Knife
►8″ Chef Knife
►9″ Cimeter Knife
►Bone Saw
►Rub Tub
►Burger Press
►Butcher paper
►Paper stand
►Cutting Board
►Angle grinder
►Grinder Blades
►Chop Saw
►Pipe Level
►Camera Lens