Best Beef Jerky

I show you how I make the best Jerky you can ever eat and make at home. It is a recipe that I have came up with that’s so simple everyone can do it.



#1 Four Pounds of Lean Beef strips. NOTE: Less Fat the better.
#2 Soy Sauce
#3 Moore’s liquid seasoning
#4 Grippo’s Gourmet BBQ seasoning
#5 Zero Calorie Sweetener (Optional)
#6 Cracked Black Pepper (Optional)


#1 In a large bowl pour 1/2 cup of each (soy and Moore’s sauce) in the bowl.
#2 Wet each piece of meat fully in the sauce mixture.Making sure to cover each piece well.
#3 Add dry ingredients Grippo’s 1/4 of the bottle plus pepper & sweetener….. again it’s optional.
#4 Mix very well and add it to a large Gallon size zip lock type freezer bag.
#5 Soak in the refrigerator for 24 hours for best results.
#6 Add straight to the dehydrator. Don’t pat dry. Just add the meat straight to the trays.
#7 Rotate dehydrator trays from top to bottom every hour till it’s dry but still pliable. Just a little bend to it but it still webbs. This makes sure it is done.
#8 Enjoy the best home made beef jerky you ever made.
REMEMBER: Our Salty Meat is HARD to beat!

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