Best beef jerky recipe dehydrator. I show you in a Ninja Foodi. Fun Awesome Recipe. the fun way.
You will need-6-7 Slices of Beef Top Sirloin-Onion Powder-Italian Seasoning-Thyme-Garlic Powder-Beer-170ml Honey Garlic Sauce-Salt and Pepper-Soy Sauce-Montreal Steak Spice-Cayenne Pepper-Olive Oil
Follow along in the Video how to make to Best Beef Jerky. I’m not the Expert. As a Butcher I know what the best meat to use is so that’s help to make a really great Beef Jerky in the Ninja Foodi Dehydrator . This is the 1 st time i have made ever. for !st Attempt this was so good. I will Continue to improve this Recipe. So Look down here for any update. Thanks for Watching I hope you leaned something. Enjoy and let have fun making beef Jerky.

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