Today I’m making Beef Jerky, something I love to eat….

First I took an Eye of the Round (beef) and trimmed it up taking all fat and sinews off. then cut it into smaller pieces then sliced it into thin pieces but I cut it with the grain…
Then I weighed the meat to be able to weigh out the salt and spices, it is good to be exact while doing this so not to over salt or over spice the meat…
I mixed it in and then put the meat into a vacuum bag and sealed it.

I let it cure for 2.5 days, then smoked it in the smoker
I kept the temperature around 150-160 F- it was tough

it took 4 hours for the meat to dehydrate enough to the point where I wanted it…

So I started with 1935g’s of fresh meat and ended up with 1068 – which means I lost 867g’s of water that is 55%

For the first batch this turned out awesome
I will be making many more batches to come….

thank you for watching

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