Do you have beef with the overwhelming number of beef jerky options that the weight loss community has after surgery? There are now guidelines to follow for whatever you eat, full meals and snacks alike. How do you know which brand is the right one when the market is oversaturated with various names like Country Archer, Pacific Gold, Organics, and Biltong? What factors do you have to consider as someone fresh out of bariatric surgery, or as someone who has been out of surgery for years?
We’re glad you asked! We did some of the work for you. With over 25 years of combined bariatric experience, our team has endured a number of taste tests in order to provide you with the resources you need. Keeping flavor, caloric intake, and chewiness in mind, we sifted through a few brands for the good and the bad and came to a consensus on which brand we liked most. As bariatric professionals, we know how important it is to make all your meals count so our top choice is flavorful, jam-packed with protein, and free of antibiotics and hormones. For a quick snack that keeps you full for an extended amount of time, watch the video below to see which one makes our taste buds happiest!
Keep in mind that we tried to sample options that were similar in flavor that also had high protein and low sugar. The team will continue to look for flavorful and healthy options to keep us all on track with our daily food goals.
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