Cats don’t have competition in the great animal kingdom and are great indoor pets for many reasons. Cats are entertaining and can keep rodents away. People often underestimate how helpful a kitty can be, and how much one can do to get rid of pests.

Check out your local shelter if you are thinking about getting a cat. There are so many great cats at shelters. The fee you will have to pay typically includes vet care. Adopting from a pet shelter benefits the cat population.

TIP! If your cat is older or sick, a heating pad may provide comfort. Place a tile made of terra cotta or a similar material in an oven heated to 200 degrees for around 15 to 20 minutes.

Taking your cat in for regular check-ups at the veterinarian’s office is part of being a responsible pet owner. Cats require special shots to prevent illness and the vet can check their overall health. Do your best to keep the same vet for your pet’s entire life. This person will be more knowledgeable on your cat’s history.

If you own a female cat, make sure the cat is spade when she’s old enough. Even if you own an indoor cat, it might produce many kittens if it escapes during mating season. A spayed cat is a safe cat.

Do you have both a cat and dog? Dogs will always try to eat a cat’s food. Because of this, you should keep your cat’s food in a high spot that your dog won’t be able to reach. In doing so, you prevent spats and spitting over competition for water.

TIP! Spray bitter apple on electrical cords. If the cat likes to chew on cords, its best to cover them as best you can.

Cats enjoy being in high places. A cat will only be happy if you give it a safe spot to look over everything. If you can’t afford a cat tree, give the cat an empty shelf of his own. Install a small bed for your cat or a comfortable blanket.

Litter Box

Think carefully about where you put the litter box for your cat. Many cat owners feel inclined to hide the litter box. But the most important factor is making sure your cat can easily access its littler box. You want your cat to feel comfortable using their litter box. If the litter box is kept on a cement floor, then place a rug or mat underneath it.

TIP! Don’t let your cat get frequently bored. Cats need to play and get regular exercise.

Stay current on your cat’s exams and vaccinations. Not unlike kids, kittens require vaccinations and check ups every so often so that they do not get sick. Your cat is a member of your family, so treat them like any valued member of your home.

Dogs will show a lot of enthusiasm through their tail when their owner comes back home. When a cat wags its tail, it means something very different. When a cat is wagging its tail, it’s actually feeling threatened and mulling over the classic question of fight or flight. If you hold your cat and it starts wagging its tail, you should put your cat down right away.

Keep cats inside as much as you can, or at least close to you or your home. Indoor cats live longer and have less illness and pests than outdoor cats. Exercising every day with the owner doesn’t come with the risks of disease or attack that other cats face roaming the wild.

TIP! Your cat can take lots of time to groom themselves to what they consider “perfect.” Long hair encourages hairballs.

You should never let your cat use meds that were designed for people. If your cat has any health problems, you should take them to the vet and administer whatever he provides. Giving your pet medication that was meant for you can hurt them pretty seriously and it may even cause death.

Cats have a great sense of smell, which helps them easily grasp changes to their environment. This applies to new pets and food in the home. You should give your cat time to adjust to new items in his world. As the smell of your home gets onto the items, they’ll warm up to them.

Act fast if you cat is panting. Dogs love to pant. Panting can be an indicator of health problems in your cat. Make sure you contact a vet, especially if your cat has had respiratory problems in the past.

TIP! It’s often cheaper to buy medicine for your cat on the Internet instead of through your vet. In an emergency, however, this might not be possible.

If you got a cat during a period of joblessness and are now re-entering the workforce, you should watch out for possible attachment issues. In order to prevent them from becoming too lonely whenever you’re away, consider adopting a second cat.

Dry food is a good choice for your cat. Kittens need wet food more than adult cats because it’s easier to chew. Feeding your cat some dry food will help it grow strong teeth. If you have a cat that is a picky eater, try combining dry cat food with a wet version.

It’s important to only feed your cat the amount of food that it should have to ensure a healthy life. The result of overeating is obesity, which then leads to other health issues. Carefully monitor your cat’s portions to make sure they eat a balanced diet.

TIP! Make a tablecloth for your cats. Often cats prefer moving food from a bowl onto the floor to eat.

Vet visits are often inevitable, and the bills can quickly pile up. A great idea is to order your cat medication from an online website to save money. Some companies will deliver medications to your door on a monthly basis. This is a good option for flea treatments or for heart worm pills and other treatments you need to use on a regular basis.

Though a dog is typically considered a better hunter, cats actually will go out of their way to track down small nuisances. Cats are great hunters and can make kills more frequently than dogs at times. With all of these useful attributes, it’s no surprise that cats are so popular.