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The focused heel is an obedience exercise that requires the dog to stand on the left side of the handler, walk at the same pace as the handler, and maintaining eye contact. This is considered one of the most complicated behaviors to teach a dog to perform correctly. It requires many hours of practice, however, if you put the time in, this can quickly become one of your favorite exercises to do with your dog.

Here are the ten steps in order:
1) Engagement training/teaching the markers/developing the sit front
2) Developing your dogs focus in the heel position
3) Developing your dogs focus in the center position
4) Teach your dog to walk while maintaining the center position
5) Use power steering to teach your dog how to maintain heel position while walking.
6) Use power steering to teach the auto sit when halted
7) Learning and stepping with the heel command using food
8) Learning and stepping with the heel command without food
9) Teach your dog to pivot left by using the spiral technique
10) Teach your dog to pivot right by using the spiral technique

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